No Responsibility Agreement

16.2 You agree that this contract represents the entire agreement between you and us and that it be replaced by all previous written or oral agreements relating to your investment. No other person has the right to enforce their conditions. A person you are dealing with may exclude or limit liability for damage to your property if all these conditions are met: 10.2 We offer you the opportunity to gain real work experience in a functional hospital or other placement and, as such, you must demonstrate a high degree of independence and initiative, especially to resolve problems when they arise. If you have a problem that is difficult for you or which you believe should be our responsibility, follow this procedure: a restriction or exclusion clause is not always valid, even if it is clearly visible or entered into a contract. We offer assistance and advice for obtaining appropriate visas and work permits for your placement, but the issuance of these provisions is left to the discretion of the competent authority and is beyond our control and we assume no responsibility if you are unable to obtain the corresponding visas and work permits for your placement. Visa and building permit requirements may change without notice and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate and valid visas and work permits for your placement and that they will have to pay for the visa and/or work permit fees. We take no responsibility for the consequences of changing visa and/or work permit requirements. 4.3 While every effort is made to ensure that all accommodations are safe and secure, we recommend that you do not have more than $300 in the currency (either sterling or equivalent in such a currency) at any time, either in your possession or in your home, and we advise you not to bring any other valuables for your investment. If you decide to bring valuables to your investment, it is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance properly covers these valuables. THERE are ATMs near any place of the investments and we recommend that you withdraw small amounts of cash at regular intervals, instead of taking excess amounts of money with you while you are on your investment. We assume no liability for losses or damage to your property during your investment, provided that this loss or damage is not due to our negligence. In some cases, each party may claim that the other party is responsible for injury or damage. In this case, they can sign a mutual release agreement.

If a party has more guilt, it can offer additional compensation. 6.4 You can request a one-time deferral of your investment. Your notification must be sent to us no later than 24 weeks before the start date of the placement.