Come Funziona Il Gentlemen`s Agreement

This is the greatest distance between the legal and non-legal obligations. This distance is due to the lack of interest in the realization of brokerage performances. Indeed, the doubts generated by the reports of courtesy, if one follows the model of a standard contract and, more generally, when such a promise can satisfy the economic and therefore legal interests of the beneficiary: such as the promise to protect something. In such cases, because of the interest in the use of the service, it seems necessary to take into account the legal (contractual) relevance of the courtesy report, including because of the mission created. Although the execution of intelligent contracts is automated, the question of the accuracy of the service arises, since in the presence of certain circumstances, even an execution that perfectly corresponds to the letter of contract (as in the case of the automatic execution of the intelligent contract) could in fact constitute an offence because it goes against the general rent of good faith from art. 1375 .c. In general, these issues need to be resolved through traditional dispute resolution methods, including intelligent contracts. 7. – The treaty is also called into question when it is not a question of legal regulation of relations, but of the conclusion of agreements, but outside the judicial system. In the last century, German lawyers have established the figure of the coalition agreement: the coalition agreement between political parties.

For the law, the contract is an economic agreement; Instead, the idea of the treaty is used in the field of policy and defines agreements on non-economic but political interests. This figure takes note of a social phenomenon: political action, organized on the model of the contractual agreement, by the agreement of electoral and post-election coalitions. The first is to coordinate actions to win voter approval; the second on the management of this consensus within the institutions: both in the conduct of government activity and in the functioning of Parliament. In this phenomenon – which can be inserted into the broader phenomenon that we can call, according to Bobbio, “treaty-related democracy” – there is a political agreement in the area of trade in question, precisely in the legal treaty.